Sailor Moon Eternal: the first of the two films has been postponed to 2021

Although several animated series have come out of the stalemate imposed by the pandemic, the production engine of the industry has not yet fully recovered. To pay the consequences is this time the first feature film by Sailor Moon Eternal; initially scheduled for 11 September, it has been postponed to 2021.

The decision, as the Anime News Newtork report specifies, was taken from Toei Animation. The Sailor Moon Eternal's first film will debut on January 8, 2021, a period in which the pandemic impact should see a significant downsizing, and therefore facilitate the release of the film in cinemas.

As for the second feature, it will be released about a month after the firstprecisely on February 11th. Toei Animation's move was widely predictable, given the ambitions of Sailor Moon's upcoming film adventures, which promise to revitalize the franchise for a new generation of fans.

At the moment, only a few selected cinemas have been reopened in Japan. The decision came following the revocation by Prime Minister Shinzo Abeof the state of emergency in Tokyo and other cities.

Classics are shown in theaters, including films by Studio Ghiblicapable of attracting the attention of viewers until late at night - despite the current context of social tension.

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