The struggle for the liberation of the country of Wano is raging in the USA ONE PIECE anime series, but for the Straw Hat Pirates crew, the situation seems tragic. Chopper, Nami and Usopp are just one step away from defeat. Will the Mugiwara be able to recover?

In ONE PIECE 1033, Luffy was defeated by Kaido and the next episode begins with the Emperor watching the Straw Hat of Onigashima fall. When Luffy drowns in the city watersKaido turns to find that this new rival of hers turned out not to be Joy Boy either.

inside the castle, Big Mom tells Zeus that she wants to get rid of him and orders Hera, his replacement, to eat it in order to acquire its powers. Big Mom's homie tearfully flees to Nami, who rejects him because of her shame. At this point, Zeus decides to rebel but is promptly defeated and fed to Hera.

ONE PIECE 1034 continues with a change of scenery. Chopper fights Queen, who is rescued by Perospero. Big Mom's officer unleashes his power by hurting Chopper's ally, who then unleashes his raw power. Nevertheless, his two opponents mock him.

Meanwhile, Yamato crosses Onigashima and vows to protect Momonosuke, who is reading his father's diary. In doing so, he discovers them Adventures of Oden with Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger and finds out about Laugh Tale. However, the boy suddenly fell ill. Bao Huang located Momonosuke's whereabouts and shared it with Kaido.

The episode then returns to Nami, Usopp and Otama. The little girl runs away from Big Mom and unleashes her anger. Just as Yonko is about to unleash her attack, she is attacked by a metal arm. Eustass Kidd intervenes on the battlefield. Here is the trailer for ONE PIECE 1035.

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