Spy x Family Part 2 is coming very close to debuting on Crunchyroll and given the premiere, Anya was spotted walking the streets of Tokyo. What is the Little Counterfeiter doing in Shinjuku District?

That second court of the Spy x Family anime is coming and to promote its release a spectacular 3D commercial has been created to be broadcast on some big screens in Shinjuku, Tokyo's electronics district.

The unsuspecting passers-by who filmed the scene with their smartphones witnessed the unbelievable. there Sweet Anya Forger towers out of a skyscraper and with her cute little voice she asks for a peek at the upcoming anime show. The 3D effect and the curved screen make the scene almost real, making a negative answer impossible.

The commercial, which aired on the Cross Shinjuku Vision, Shinjuku Alta Vision, and Newno GS Shinjuku Vision screens, also showed part of the trailer for Spy x Family Part 2. This The initiative started on September 26th and will last until October 9th, if two episodes of the anime have already been released. In anticipation of its fall dates debut, the opening clip of the second Spy x Family Cours has also been released.

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