The challenges are solved in the course of the chapters of ONE PIECE. THE But the Straw Hat Pirates and allies must win them all over if they want the hope of getting out of the hell of Onigashima alive and freeing Wano once and for all.

With the fight between Killer and Hawkins in ONE PIECE 1029, it's time to move on. Now Kid is free from influences and can devote himself to the great challenge against the Empress Big Mom. We have theories about the next battle in relation to ONE PIECE 1030, which one will be the focus of the action?

There are still a few days to the official release of the chapter, but various leakers have already taken turns on the web to reveal this ONE PIECE 1030 main spoiler:

  • Chapter 1030 is entitled: "Remember the transience of all things";
  • Apoo and Drake discuss forming an alliance. The two pirates are along with the numbers 1, 2 and 3;
  • Orochi orders Kanjuro to destroy the entire Onigashima Castle and whoever is in it;
  • Kanjuro carries out the order by using his power to create a gigantic fire demon;
  • Law and Kid awaken their devil fruitbut you can only use it as a last resort;
  • Law warns that his devil fruit could kill him if not used carefully and he will be exhausted if used to the maximum;
  • Law attacks Big Mom from within her body, while Kid turns the Empress into a giant magnet.

There will be no breaks next week, on the contrary: ONE PIECE 1031 receives cover sheets and color pages to celebrate the arrival of Wano's climax. An important novelty that could lead us to enter the final round of chapters in this very long saga.

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