The Mugiwara have faced many difficult challenges and adversaries in the course of their long journey that is reported ONE PIECE. However, not everyone had the opportunity to show off their fighting skills like the Monster Trio. Nico Robin in particular had some direct confrontations, but things changed in episode 1020 of the anime.

Set in Wano, the narrative arc proves to be valuable with some basic pieces for the continuation of the story and with references to the past of illustrious personalities, but above all as setting The entire Straw Hat crew is put to the test. Entering Onigashima was not an easy task, made even more complicated by facing the best men of the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts.

As stated by user @roadponeglyphs_ in the post below, the beautiful archaeologist of the Mugiwara reports had no direct confrontation in the last 18 years, speaking of anime, and finally the situation seems to have defused. Nico Robin rushes to the aid of Sanji, who had just been screaming his name, and makes a mad entrance by striking with a giant hand thanks to the powers of the Fior Fior fruit. Black Maria, one of the six flying companions by Kaido’s crew.

Finally we remind you that the Road to Laugh Tale will begin soon and we leave you to the spoilers of Chapter 1052 that is coming June 12 on Manga Plus.

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