Sanji was mocked, but the cook continues his fight in ONE PIECE. Meanwhile, other characters are also working hard to take out their opponents. In an extremely chaotic context, the Chapter 1020 of ONE PIECE what brings the straw hat pirates before a new situation.

On the one hand there is Yamato, the Kaido on the roof of Onigashima. facing. In mixed form, the girl strikes her father and claims that Wano will be freed after this war; Of course, the emperor will not allow this and actually wants Yamato to accept the post of Wano's shogun and continue Orochi's work. However, the fight seems to get Yamato in trouble and will hardly be able to keep up until the protagonist of ONE PIECE returns.

The second phase of the chapter instead focuses on the battle between Brook, Nico Robin and Black Maria. The illusions of Tobi Roppo's subordinates do not work, Nico Robin knocks them down. but Black Maria intervenes and gets the two Mugiwara in trouble. Thanks to Brooks intervention, Black Maria's Wanyudo freezes and the flames go out, allowing Robin to move safely across the ground again.

Brook understands that Nico Robin is determined to face Black Maria and then leaves them alone and takes care of the various subordinates in the area. Meanwhile, Black Maria makes fun of Sanji, but Nico Robin doesn't let these words distract him and instead says that the cook is the right person to support Luffy. This is how his Giant Fleur attack begins, with which he creates his own giant version.

Downstairs, in Wano, Luffy was brought ashore by the Hearts pirates and there they met Shinobu and Momonosuke. Hiding Caribou worries Luffy will lose while the captain begs for more meat, but that's not all. At the end of Chapter 1020 of ONE PIECE, Luffy will ask Momonosuke to transform into a dragon and bring him back to Onigashima. Will the little one obey the request?

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