The Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War trailer marks the beginning of a highly anticipated new project that has been in hiding for the past few years due to Covid-19. But in the last few weeks it has been filled with information of all kinds, some from the production and some from the original author, Tite Kubo.

It's the mangaka that's often in the spotlight, with statements being made everywhere and in-depth interviews revealing that Character of the new Bleach anime. The mangaka explained a few things about the design and colors that the anime will have: "The animation and color design of the Thousand Year Blood War arc will be different from the previous series. I wanted the anime to use coloring. modern and contemporary, so we went back and forth several times trying to understand that. I think it will be a new and refreshing visual experience. The backgrounds will also be new.”

The shade will therefore differ from that of the previous series. And for regarding the Battles of Bleach? "I decided in my head to finish the manga in 15 years. And with so many characters appearing in the final arc, there were so many fight scenes that didn't fit the manga. So I hope to be able to help insert these scenes. as new as possible." The characters at the heart of these new battles will be the group of Bambietta Basterbine and others to be discovered later, with Kubo confident that the studio will put all his ideas to good use.

More information on Bleach will be arriving next week thanks to Weekly Shonen Jump.

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