That of Dragon Ball it is undoubtedly one of the most important and profitable franchises ever seen in our large anime / manga industry, a boundless epic that can count on the support of millions and millions of fans scattered all over the world and always ready to support their favorite brand.

Among manga, animated series, spin-offs, films, video games and much more, the public has always had the opportunity to entertain themselves in the best way, while showing off on the web all its appreciation for the IP, with countless cosplay and very high level fanarts that have filled the most popular social networks. In such a prosperous context, various external companies then entered the fray with themed gadgets of all shapes and sizes, products designed especially for the most avid collectors.

Well, just recently the guys from SD Studio presented their latest creature to the public, that is an incredible Dragon Ball Z themed statue dedicated to Golden Oozaru and almost one meter high. As can be seen in the images placed at the bottom of the news, the beast - which is not alone - is represented in all its indomitable strength, also being able to boast countless details. Going more specifically, the product is characterized by dimensions of 80x56x56cm, all accompanied by a price that is actually quite accessible, since we are talking about 246 euros (to which, however, shipping costs must also be added). As announced by the company, everything is already pre-orderable while the release is currently set for the third quarter of 2020.

Before saying goodbye, we also remind you that in the last few days the American voice actor from Vegeta has particularly spoken, who has shown his incredible Dragon Ball Z themed collection.

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