During the event "[BB Fes] BANDAI x BN Pictures Festival β€œthe production of a new hybrid anime / live action series entitled Aikatsu Planet!. The musical unit Star planet plays the title track entitled "Happy ∞ Aikatsu".

Aikatsu Planet!

On the other hand, the staff announced that the new animation project of this franchise was due to premiere in October of this year and due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the June production, it was decided to premier for the month January 2021 and postponing new information disclosure indefinitely. The Aikatsu Planet for its part! will premiere on television TV Tokyo and its subsidiaries this winter.


  • Kaaya date like Mao Otoha.
  • Ogura River like Ruli Tamaki, whose avatar is Ruli.
  • Mizuki as Ayumi Tsukishiro, whose avatar is Q-Pit.
  • Shizune Nagao as Kyouko Umekouji, whose avatar is Beat.
  • Rion Watanabe as Shiori Motoya, whose avatar is Shiori.
  • Amy as Ann Kurimu, whose avatar is Ann.
  • Narumi one as Meisa Hinata, whose avatar is Rose.
  • Rurika One as Sala Itoi, whose avatar is Sala.

Production team

  • Bandai Namco Pictures Credits are given for the development of the project, original story, and production.
  • Ryuichi Kimura is responsible for project management.
  • Musuzu Chiba is responsible for writing and monitoring the scripts.
  • Risa Miyadani is responsible for the character design.

Synopsis of the Aikatsu planet!

The story revolves around "Planet Aikatsu," a world where anyone can take on the role of an avatar and become an adorable idol. Mao Otoha, a freshman at Seirei Private Academy, becomes the number one idol when Meisa Hinata suddenly disappears. However, Mao's new role as Hana's avatar is a secret to everyone.

Source: Comic Natalie



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