Netflix will add Dorohedoro’s OVA to its catalog in October

The platform Netflix confirmed by his report in English that he will include the six episode OVA entitled "Ma no Omake" of the anime adaptation of the manga, written by and illustrated by, in his catalog Q Hayashida, Dorohedoronext October 15th.

The platform already added the main series of twelve episodes of this anime in its original language with Spanish subtitles to its catalog on May 28. For his part, Hayashida published the manga in three different magazines between 2000 and 2018. The Publisher Shogakukan collected the work in a total of 23 volumes.

The manga inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation that was released and produced by the studios in January 2020. MAPPA. The first episode in the series of six OVAs included in the special edition of the second Blu-ray compilation was released temporarily and for free on April 14th.

Production team

  • Yuichiro Hayashi was responsible for directing the anime in the studios MAPPA.
  • Hiroshi seko was responsible for the composition of the series.
  • Tomohiro Kishi was responsible for the character design.
  • (K) NoW_NAME was responsible for the musical production.

Synopsis of Dorohedoro

In a city so depressing as it is known as "The Hole" a clan of wizards has kidnapped people from the streets to be used as guinea pigs in hideous "experiments" with black magic.

Meanwhile, in a dark alley, Nikaido finds Caiman, a man with a reptilian head and a severe case of amnesia. To undo their spell, they must hunt and kill the wizards around town in hopes that they will eventually kill the right one.

But when the main magician finds out that a lizard man is killing his people, he sends a band of "cleaners" into the city, which explodes a war between two worlds, between two societies ...

Source: Official Twitter account

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