The Japanese animation industry is in crisis. Attack of the Giants 4 is nothing more than the symbol of a situation that has not been manageable for a long time. It is the result of malicious decisions that force the animators and staff to use superhuman efforts to always meet the worst deadlines. If you want to help this situation, you seem to think about it Netflix.

Netflix is ​​slowly adapting to Japanese animation and has already started to influence the market thanks to the potential of on-demand streaming. In any case, the American giant has started to work on improving the health of the sector that has not been able to sustain the workforce for years upset at the frenzied pace of work and unjust paytends to drift away from the world of anime in a short period of time.

He therefore started together with WIT Studio, the company behind for the last three seasons of The attack of the giants. Both select 10 candidates for whom they fully cover the costs of the stay and the tuition fees (almost 5000 euros per person). The aim is to support and expand this program over the years and to strengthen animation studies. Indeed, graduates can partner with Wit Studio and Production IG (which are part of the same group) to devote themselves to the original Netflix productions.

Instead, what did you think of this streaming giant's training plan to help the industry? Let us know with a comment below.

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