The platform Netflix announced that the animated adaptation in China (donghua) of novels written by Kuxuan, Xian Wang from Richang Shenghuo (The daily life of the immortal king) will reach its catalog on June 30th in Latin America. The listing refers to "Season 1".

The daily life of the immortal king

On the other hand, the fifteen-part series originally premiered on the platform in January 2020. Bilibili, and was produced by studios Haoliners Animation League. The series contained the songs "Xian (δ»™)" by Wei Bo En (韦伯恩) as the opening theme and "The Ran Na Shi (恍焢 ι‚£ζ—Ά)" by Ziqi Zhou (周 ζ’“ 琦) as a final topic. A second season is set to premiere this year, but further details have not yet been determined since the announcement.

Summary of The Daily Life of the Immortal King

A cultivator who has reached a new kingdom every two years since he was one, Wang Ling is an almost invincible existence with a skill beyond his control. But now that he's sixteen, he's facing his biggest fight yet: high school. With challenge after challenge, his plans for a low-key life in high school seem ever further distant ...

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