The multifunctional humanoid fighting machines Evangelion, or more simply Eve units, are gigantic humanoid mecha that were created to fight off mysterious beings known as "angels". Let's find out which is the most dangerous in work.

The Eve Units are more than bio-organic forms of life similar to living things than to robots and are hardly controlled by their pilots. Some, in particular, are literally terrifying and deadly; Let's analyze them together.

The Eva-05 makeshift unit is one of the evangelions weakest of the franchise. Piloted by Mari in the Prologue Evangelion 2.22, this is a mobile unit with four "legs" in the shape of a spider. In the fight against the third angel, Mari detonates the Evengelion in order to defeat the enemy.

Unit Eva-00 is one of the first to ever appear in the anime. Be one of the first modelsis much less equipped and extremely difficult to control. This evangelion often takes on the supporting role in combat.

Unity Null only appeared in the short film "Evangelion: Another Impact", where is abandoned in a city Mind because of its unstable psyche.

The Eva-08 unit, which comes in two different versions, is also a support unit. In this case, however, the attacks launched by Eva are particularly effective against any opponent.

The Eva-03 unit piloted by Toji or Asuka is right disappointing from a possible perspective combative and easily defeated by rivals.

Eva-04 appears only in the world of video gamesor as an action figure and for the level of combat shown, it seems to be superior to the previous model.

Mass productions I am a real nightmare. Controlled by dummy plug systems, they can continue fighting regardless of the damage they take. They fight as a pack, are brutal and efficient, but individually they are ineffective.

Evangelion Mark.06 is underutilized and is only used to summon angels. It is precisely for this reason that estimating its destructive power is complex. Evangelion Mark 09 on the other hand it can regenerate and change its shape.

Unit Eva-02 is one of the more powerful and dangerous than opera. This Evangelion manages to keep the Japanese army and nine Eve in check, as well as the almighty Evangelion 13.

Unit Eva-01 is probably less dangerous than Unit 02, but this is compensated by the Ability to activate the third Impact by the willpower of the pilot. In the original series, it is supposed to ignite the apocalyptic forces.

The Eva-13 unit is essentially an improved version of the Eva-01 that requires two pilots at the same time. This Evangelion is never defeated in combat, but sabotages itself if the Kaworu pilot aborts the fourth impact.

Which one do you think is? the most powerful? Meanwhile, the streets of Tokyo were overrun with evangelion units. We admire this faithful Asuka cosplay from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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