Often a complex debate arises among fans of one opera or another: which protagonist is stronger? Today we analyze the potential of two most popular characters in the world of Shonen, Jotaro Kujo from JoJo's bizarre adventure and Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach.

The hero of Bleach is famous for his punk look which includes his black Soul Reaper clothes, orange hair and ultra sharp sword. Ichigo he defeated all of his rivals, but how would he behave in a duel against another Shonen protagonist?

Jotaro Kujo is the third Joestar, a student who will soon awaken his booth. The platinum star is a very bellicose warrior effective in close combatThanks to surprising speed and power. This, combined with Jotaro's ingenuity, makes him downright fearful.

Ichigo has his Soul Reaper Powers Thanks to Rukia, he has been training ever since to get used to his new life. Under the wing of Kisuke Urahara, he received his Zanpakuto Zangestu by learning the Shikai and Bankai forms. You can unleash powerful ranged energy bursts called Getsuga Tensho that can be penetrated on the sword to increase the damage done at close range. Ichigo also tamed his inner hollow, which he uses to increase combat strength, speed and endurance.

Compared to other stands Jotaro Kujs Star Platinumor it is easier, but no less effective. This stand is an effective melee warrior, tough, fast and powerful. He can quickly defeat opponents who prefer long-range combat. Star Platinum's melee powers are aided by Jotaro's Sharpness, a temporal force inspired by that of Dio Brando.

Ichigo and Jotaro have similar personalities; both are tough, confident and not inclined to lose temper. In a duel, both would attack instantly, but Jotaro would take advantage of overpowering Ichigo's defense thanks to his impressive reflexes. By releasing the Bankai, Ichigo would gain the benefit further enhanced by the hollow mask. By surviving this intensity, Jotaro was able to stop the time, a few seconds, that could cause Ichigo damage. However, that wouldn't be enough and once the effect is over, Bleach's protagonist would eliminate the opponent. What do you think about it? Who would win between Jotaro and Ichigo? In the meantime, we admire this Jojo Dio Brando Cosplay. Stardust Crusader voice actors unite in this cute photo of Jojo.

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