While cities around the world have been decked out with Christmas lights and decorations, Japan once again stands out for its flair. Indeed, the streets of Tokyo and the Skytree, the symbol of the city, have been decorated with themed objects Neon Genesis Evangelion.

A symbol of the city for tourists and locals alike, the Tokyo Skytree is decorated for special occasions. However, instead of getting into the Christmas spirit, the 600 meter high tower was decorated Celebrate the Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The Evangelion Tokyo Skytree Project begins on December 23rd, honoring the franchise both inside and outside the facility. Those with the option of walking up to the Tembo Gallery's observation deck will find a number of awesome spots to take epic photos. Fans can take a picture of a gigantic one Replica of the head of Eva Unit-01Walk through corridors lined with famous phrases from the anime and even see an angel core. In addition, a specially created music video with the opening theme "Cruel Angel's Theme" will be played in the stained glass windows.

The Skytree will come, however lit every other night with the typical colors of the Eva Units-01, 00, 02, Mark 06 and 08. The structure will contain exclusive products as well as special themed food and drinks. The Evangelion Tokyo Skytree Project runs from December 23rd to March 31st. Would you like to visit Tokyo decorated like this? Let's find out which soul is in Evangelion's 00 unit. The Eva-01 is imposing in this Neon Genesis Evangelion figure.

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