We have seen so many battles in Naruto and many of Konoha's Genins faced each other during the Chunin Trial. But who is that strongest among the twelve ninja of Leaf Village at the end of the first Naruto series? Here are our top 12.

In the last position of this ranking we find the female co-star of Naruto Sakura Haruno. Over the course of Naruto: Shippuden Sakura, a lot improves, but by the end of the first anime, the girl is little more than an intermediate level ninja. He has good control over the basic magical arts, a good balance in the use of the chakra, but little more.

A little further up is its all-time rival. Ino Yamanaka. Like Sakura, she is an intermediate level ninja in terms of basic skills, but she has the blood of the Yamanaka clan and with it her techniques that make her much more impressive. In the top 10 we find another girl, Tenten. Much more dangerous than the two girls mentioned so far, Tenten has been seen in action a number of times and always with respectable opponents, but she has shown that she has an innate affinity for many ninja tools that allow her to have many attack options.

In ninth place is Choji Akimichi, a member of the Asuma Sarutobi team. Because of his lazy and chubby character, he was shown little in combat, but he really did show what he is capable of in fighting the mighty Jirobo. However, he was forced to use banned pills from his clan to increase his strength, and due to their side effects, he cannot use them against any opponent, risking his life. let us continue in eighth place instead of with Hinata Hyuga: theoretically future head of the Hyuga clan, but much further back in relation to her little sister Hanabi and her cousin Neji, Hinata has nonetheless shown that she knows how to use the Byakugan properly, which makes her stronger than one average genin is.

One of his teammates is in seventh place. Kiba Inuzuka from the dog-loving clan has exceptional offensive potential. Along with his loyal Akamaru, he also made the defenses of Sakon and Ukon tremble. We position Shikamaru Nara one step higher, the only genin promoted to chunin. His tactical skills are now well known and while he does not possess an unusual amount of chakra, he can use his shadow techniques wisely to keep even multiple enemies at bay.

Let's move on to the higher areas of the ranking by entering that Top 5 with Rock Lee. The ninja sustained many serious injuries when colliding with Gaara, and by the end of Naruto he has not yet fully recovered. Even so, because of his speed and powerful taijutsu, he still remains a terrifying ninja. in the In fourth place we choose Shino Aburame instead, perhaps the most mysterious genin of the group. Control of his insects is associated with an extraordinary cold blood, which allowed him to overpower several opponents.

Let's start that Top 3 with the bronze medal for Neji Hyuga, the strongest member of the Hyuga clan and who only lost to the protagonist Naruto during the series. Equipped with excellent tactical skills, he is particularly good at using the Byakugan, and with a single move he can silence his opponent. There The second position belongs to the protagonist Naruto Uzumaki who at the end of the first series can use the large dose of the Nine-Tailed Fox Chakra, the usual multiplication technique and above all the powerful Rasengan.

There remains only one genin who, at the end of the first phase of the story, will decide to move away from the Blattdorf: as decreed in the Valley of the End, Sasuke Uchiha turns out to be the young ninja Stronger between Sharingan and the clan's own fire arts, in addition to the power emanating from Orochimaru's cursed seal. What's your ranking on the young ninjas stronger than Konoha in Naruto?

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