One of the most epic moments in the Naruto Shippuden anime as well as the Naruto manga is certainly this Clash between the blond protagonist and Pain, the head of the Alba organization. After killing Jiraiya, the red-haired ninja went to Konoha with Konan and fought there. Then he destroyed the entire ninja village.

Only a moment later, Naruto appeared in the crater he had left with Gamabunta, Gamatatsu and Gamaken. Using the newly learned skill, Hermit Mode, Naruto began the dances against the pain and his six bodies. The The first attack was a Rasengan This was to save Tsunade from attack by a body of Pain, the path of the asura, which had mechanical properties.

From this attack one was born Naruto themed character of which the possibility of pre-ordering has just started. As seen below, the new character from Chikara Studios focuses on one of the most epic moments of Naruto Shippuden, with Naruto in his usual orange robes and red hermit cloak holding the scroll of the giant toad on one side and the head of the asura on the other Path. The clash between two of the strongest ninjas in the world of Naruto could be yours in 2021.

There The Naruto figure will be available from July 2021 at a price of 234 € excluding shipping costs. At a scale of 1: 5, it has dimensions of 39 x 23 x 24 centimeters. If you want to immortalize one of the most important moments of Naruto Shippuden, this is the opportunity.

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