The new chapter of Dragon Ball Super has finally completed the saga of the prisoner of the Galactic Patrol and shows the consequences of the last confrontation with Molo as well as meetings and celebrations. However, Toriyama and Toyotaro decided to revert to more serious tones immediately, with a somewhat unexpected return.

As it emerged from the first chapter 67 spoilers a few days ago, the villain known as the OG-73I, one of Molo's powerful subordinates, appears to have survived his blow. Confirming this claim is first a conversation between some of Saganbo's men and Jaco. One of the criminals asks the patrolman if he checked it out 73 had been permanently destroyedand upon Jaco's negative response, it is immediately understood that this inattention may turn out to be more serious than expected.

If we continue with the narrative, we discover that the group of criminals were captured 73 years ago and they made him incredibly skillful in teaching him many techniques, let alone theory The android still has the powers of Merus and Molo. Shortly afterwards, at the bottom of a huge crater, the head of the android, which appears to have been reactivated, is framed, and in the final tables, Granolla enters a kind of laboratory where he discovers that clones of the android were made that regenerate themselves in an incubator.

Granolla's goals are not yet clear, but they are certain both he and 73 will play a key role in this new story arc. Recall that Chapter 67 cleared the fate of Merus too, and we leave you to Toyotaro's exciting words about the new saga.

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