there first Naruto series it was one of the most beautiful ever. The anime from the first part of the manga of the same name by Masashi Kishimoto made it possible to get to know the blonde ninja, his desires, his fears and the world in which he immerses himself. Growing up, he inevitably faced some very important challenges.

Past time it is possible to check it on Amazon Prime Video, portal that has been proposing the different seasons of Naruto in blocks for some time. However, the first anime in the series was not yet complete; However, it was a matter of time before the last block of episodes was finally recorded.

Naruto Season 5 is available on Amazon Prime Video, the latest for the ninja, which consists of 35 episodes. This is part of the final filler chain started after episode 135 and spanning from episode number 185 to 220, the last with Naruto's departure to a new journey with Jiraiya, a fundamental step that will lead to the time warp that will start Naruto becomes : Shippuden.

This ends a long journey that began a few months ago on the Amazon streaming platform. If you're ready to jump into a marathon now, here's how long it takes to watch the Naruto anime.

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