Although they had a tumultuous relationship as a child, the connection between Deku and Bakugo is true and genuine. The two obviously interpret it differently, but that connection and friendship spills over into the current events of , too My hero academyduring the fight with Tomura Shigaraki in the flying arena.

Bakugo attempted to launch an attack with a devastating explosive effect, which actually caused problems in part of the arena, temporarily obscuring the view of what was going on. However, Shigaraki barely felt this blow and instead managed to break the boy's arm. As he said himself, Bakugo only interests him about his relationship with Midoriya, a relationship that could put him in danger as a hostage.

My Hero Academia 360 it will be a chapter that could still focus on the fight against Tomura Shigaraki. The return of the Yuei Big Three, all united for one final battle before conclusion, could mean they will temporarily rescue Bakugo from the supervillain's clutches. The guys will fight to keep their enemy at bay, and the hope is that Horikoshi doesn't choose to take this fight off-screen.

My Hero Academia 360 will be released on Sunday July 24th, 2022 on MangaPlus.

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