Among the many characters in the series of Naruto Gaara perfectly represents the path of salvation. Gaara is introduced as a very confident boy of his abilities and incredibly aggressive during the Chunin competitive exam. He becomes the Kazekage, determined to be accepted and respected by the residents of his village.

A development that is still much discussed among fans of the series conceived by Masashi Kishimoto, which, however, did not in the least detract from Gaara’s extraordinary abilities since he was a simple genin. That Fifth Kazekage of Sand Village He owes much of his strength and skill to Shukaku the Sand Badger Demon, a one-tailed scavenger sealed within him by order of his father, the Fourth Kazekage.

To celebrate one of the most powerful and beloved ninja of the first part of the series, the artists at Hex Collectibles have created the spectacular statue that you can see in the images at the bottom of the page. Measuring 62 centimeters, the statue looks very detailed and everyone can buy it before the products are sold out only 750 will be produced, the certificate of authenticity is included. The figure will be available from late 2023, but can already be pre-ordered for the price of 1085 euros.

Finally we leave you a magnificent statue dedicated to Gai and a very faithful cosplay of Hinata.

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