Started in March 2019 on the pages of Jump Square magazine published by the giant Shueisha, Kenichi Kondo's horror manga, Dark Gathering found a good reception at home. The series currently consists of nine volumes and, given the success it has achieved, will also receive an animated adaptation, confirmed by the same Japanese publisher.

Announced by the trailer you can see above in the news and the poster available below, the animated implementation of Dark Gathering will make its Japan debut in 2023. The adaptation is being handled by OLM animation studio, which you may know from working on series like 1997's Berserk, 2006's Pokémon Chronicles, and the more recent comedy Can't Communicate there Management was entrusted to Hiroshi Ikehata.

The story of the series features Keitaro Gentoga, a medium who manages to contact spirits. During his middle school years, he is taken over by one person due to his powers. The accident causes him to distance himself from others for more than two years. Back in society as a tutor, he meets the young and brilliant girl Yayoi Hozuki. Yayoi immediately recognizes Keitaro's abilities and invites him to go to a haunted place. It will only be the beginning of their misadventures as hunters of evil spirits.

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