A few moments ago, Crunchyroll shared an interesting interview with Melvin Gordon III, young football player militant in the Denver Broncos. The twenty-seven year old talked about his favorite souls, his heroes, and how the Japanese series managed to change his way of dealing with life.

Gordon started by talking about the moment he became passionate about anime: "It all started with Dragon Ball Z. The way they transformed me intrigued me a lot. My favorite part was undoubtedly the one in which Trunks of the Future sees Gohan die and transforms into Super Saiyan. As a child I had lots of action figures, T-shirts and games for Gameboy and other consoles. I even improved in drawing by training by portraying Gohan! My brother and I got very close thanks to the souls".

Subsequently, the player spoke of his favorite series: "Naruto. I spent ten years of my life watching Naruto, obviously in Japanese with subtitles [ride]. Naruto is also my favorite character, he changed me. He is one who never gives up and who always finds the good in people. As for the villains instead I choose Jiren from Dragon Ball Super. My life is based on being able to have a suitable mental form, and Goku against Jiren had to overcome every barrier, mental and physical, to be able to beat him".

Another player from the NFL recently did, Lawrence Collier Jr, declared his love for Dragon Ball Z, reiterating how much that of anime is becoming an increasingly cleared topic among the players. Obviously that of rugby is not the only world in which we talk about the Japanese series: you will remember that a few days ago a UFC wrestler went up in the ring accompanied by the music of Berserk.

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