In spite of The bizarre adventures of JoJo and Naruto: Shippuden are two apparently very different works, Jotaro Kujo could very well be one of the protagonists of Masashi Kishimoto's work. In fact, he would be one of the strongest ninja to ever appear in Leaf Village.

Jotaro Jujo is a 17 year old boy, but his joke extends well beyond his real age. The protagonist turns out to be since the beginning of the series an insightful and resourceful fighter, able to overcome any situation with his mind and defeat much stronger opponents than him. In this regard, Jotaro is very similar to Kakashi Hatake, the ninja who copies the leaf and is able to replicate any jutsu and predict the incoming hits with the Sharingan.

Hence, the mind games, the infinite resources and his intelligence would make Jotaro an excellent ninja. But not only that, shares the protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Values ​​similar to those of Naruto. Both the Seventh Hokage and Jotaro understand that the abuse of power is not really a sign of strength and use their respective skills to protect their loved ones from injustice and cruelty. And do you think Jotato would be a worthy ninja? What role would he play in Konoha? Meanwhile, Naruto Team 7: Shippuden invades the real world in this fanart. Let's find out how to get Naruto's hypnotic Sharingan: Shippuden.

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