As we know, being a parent is by no means easy. Shikamaru's life experience, however, should have driven him in a completely different direction. in the Boruto: Naruto the next generations Does the Seventh Hokage's advisor repeat his father's mistakes?

The relationship between Shikamaru and his father Shikaku was always cold, and the two of them simply discussed the best tactics to use in combat or in combat Play shogi. After experiencing this particular situation, we would have expected the Seventh Hokage's advisor to have treated his son Shikadai completely differently, but this is obviously a tradition of the Nara clan. However, in episode 178 of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, Shikamaru seems to have learned a very important lesson.

As a teenager, Shikamaru was almost not interested in wanting to become a shinobi, but his laziness actually was a means of rebellion against his father, one of Konoha's most respected personalities. However, Shikaku's death haunted the young ninja, who from that moment wanted to honor his father by following in his footsteps.

But Shikamaru is himself turned out to be a cool parentTemari remains the task of loving her son. But a sudden arrival at Leaf Village, causing viewers to relive one of the most tragic scenes in Boruto, could have changed that mentality forever.

Upon entering Konoha, Ao Shikamaru and Ino reveals that their fathers adored them, that they were proud of them, and that they blindly trusted their talent. This revelation collapses the two and causes an instant change in Shikamarutaking his son to dinner and showing him all his true love. Shikaku Nara's legacy is in the right hands. Boruto's new key visual sees the two sides as opposing.

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