One of the reasons for Spy x Family’s great success lies in the cast of the protagonists. The Forger family, tender and mysterious at the same time, conquered the public. But what if Yor, Loid and Anya were replaced? Here is one Crossover fanart between Spy x Family and My Hero Academia.

Just as Spy x Family fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the anime’s second season, which will be accompanied by the theatrical debut of the film CODE: White, those of My Hero Academia is waiting for the seventh season.

The two series aired concurrently from October to December 2022, and perhaps for this reason a viewer found themselves halfway between the two narrative universes created by Tatsuya Endo and Kohei Horikoshi.

Spy x Family loses its signature protagonists in this cute mash-up shared by Twitter artist @ssmirast. Anya, Loid and Yor leave the stage to make room Hawks, Lady Nagant and Erithe new members of the Forger family.

Just like Loid and Yor, Hawks and Nagant are two parents hiding double lives in the service of public safety. Eri, on the other hand, possesses a special and unique power, just like Anya. What do you think of the heroes from My Hero Academia as the protagonists of Spy x Family?

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