Japanese website Comic Natalie premiered the final design of the new hero costumes from the movie My Hero Academia and revealed that this is what it is all about Stealth suits especially for the three protagonists. Below you can see the picture gallery in high definition for the first time.

Weekly Shonen Jump showed a first starter of the new outfits by Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki on the second weekend in May and published a simple picture of the three costumes shown in front of him. The series of pictures published by Comic Natalie, however They also show us the back and the three custom headgearThis allows us to further analyze the design.

The "stealth costume" nomenclature is certainly the most interesting part of the Comic Natalie reveal, as it seems to suggest a different approach than what has been seen in the films and anime series from My Hero Academia so far. As revealed by Shonen Jump The enemy of this new movie will be an organized group called Humarize, with the intent of planting bombs across the country to permanently eliminate the owners of Quirk. Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki will be tasked with helping Endeavor and Hawks and deactivating these bombs. Given that Deku is the only one with the skills necessary to act clandestinely, it will be interesting to understand how the situation will play out.

The new film My Hero Academia was unveiled with the first official trailer in late March and will debut in Japan in August. The film takes place during the training period of the three heroes. told in chapters 241 to 252 of the manga. The fifth season of the anime series was supposed to end just before the beginning of the saga in question at chapter 240.

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