The war rages on, but the battlefield on the Yuei Flying Fortress turns in the villain's favor. Despite the large group of heroes, Tomura Shigaraki is relentless. The absence of Deku is noticeable at the last moment My Hero Academy 359 intervenes the one who was considered the most promising of UA High School.

In Chapter 358 of My Hero Academia, Bakugo unleashes his most powerful blow. This however does not harm Shigaraki, who grabs the young hero's arm and destroys it with the decay. My Hero Academia 360 spoilers lead us to defeat and the community is on high alert, as is Eraserhead, desperate to find his apprentice, Call the other pro heroes for help currently. However, Mirko, Best Jeanist, and Edgeshot dedicate themselves to preventing the Decay from spreading.

From nothing, Mirio Togata reunites with his companions. The Big Three of Yuei, Suneater, Nejire Hado and Lemillion have reunited, but will it really be enough to defeat Shigaraki? Mirio has regained his Quirk thanks to the power of Eri and can now easily dodge the villain's attacks. With the support of the two companions, it will prove a finger in the wound for Shigaraki.

However, Lemillion does not have the strength to defeat Shigaraki, not even with the help of the other heroes, who are badly injured. The only hope of saving Bakugo is that of wait for another young hero to arriveIzuku Midoriya.

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