The current story arc of My hero academiaIn addition to the staging of the bloody war between heroes and villains, readers were able to receive interesting background information about the protagonists of the work. In the new chapter the past of Mr. Compress has been examined.

During Chapter 294 of My Hero Academia, Mr. Compress made an extreme gesture. In order to save his comrades locked up by the Quirk of Best Jeanist, the villain decided to give him life one last magic show and sacrifice yourself. But what made him do it?

From what he himself revealed is Mr. Compress a relative of the legendary bandit Oji Harima. The blood that runs in his veins therefore led him to fight against the lazy society of heroes.

""Just as the current system was taking shape, Harima took aim at the greasy pockets of fake heroes. He preached reform when he took what he stole back to the streets. Our family's line is to denounce injustice. This righteous blood runs through my veins".

Hence, Mr. Compress stood up for the Rogues' Union honor his parentage and exterminate the lazy part of society of heroes. But after making this extreme gesture, his dreams are entrusted to Shigaraki and the other villains. In My Hero Academia 294, the union leader's next opponent will be one of the young heroes

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