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Chapter 16: Heaven and Earth

Zeke is crawling into the party, a Titan picks him up, even though he is badly wounded. In a sober dining room, the youth Jelena speaks to the old Pixis. The colors can be seen, they mark the traitors and collaborators, they just have to obey that the liquid flows in their body, they had no choice. In the catacombs, prisoners are brought to the rescue of the truth, Jelena comments on the euthanasia plan and moves the young colossal. Pieck infiltrates, kills a soldier and corners Eren, but he cannot shoot. Therefore he decides to ally himself with the sponsor of the founder and to win his trust. He'll tell him where the other traitors are. She is taken to the roof and Eren falls into the trap, Marley's invasion begins.

Chapter Opinion

Little happened, but what happened was very interesting. The one who recorded the chapter for me is Pieck and also Jelena, but in the first I felt a bigger spark because it marked the tension: Has she really changed sides? Jelena was much more self-confident, more fanatical yes, but someone who has things clear and handles the information is rated higher than the others for this detail. In the male characters, I only save two: Eren and Armin. The first because of the conversation and the tension that arose with Pieck. The second because of the weeping caused by Jelena. Were Armin's tears sincere or a ploy to win Jelana over? It doesn't seem like Armin is a guy. In short, a worthy ending that emerges from the second part, which has already been confirmed for those who do not follow the manga, sees the end of this great work.

They had no choice and distinguished the colors

What option did Commander Pixis have? None, all of them were at the mercy of the Jeagerists when Zeke's liquid was used up. The pride dropped them, believing that they had gained a lot. With the death of Darius Zackly everything gets out of control, the high command disappears and only Hange and Pixis remain, the second already captured and without much guidance the first experienced who read the panorama and knew that they were lost. Or what was the outcome?

There are things that can be taken from enemies, Jelena is right, trust alone would lead to her downfall. The colors denote the non-allies of the allies, and of these there are two: the reds who learned about the wine and were forced to cooperate, and those in white are those who had already switched sides. Segregationism indeed, but order requires distinction. Total equality leads to chaos and anarchy, that is not what the Jaegerists want. Mark colors, but our actions have already marked us.

Jelena I underestimated you

I remember saying "bad" about Jelena because she looked like another blind believer. In a single chapter, she managed to convince me that she was a determined woman in what she was thinking and was aware of the plan to which she was sticking. Jelena, who knows about Zeke's plan, changes things a lot, at least for me. The fact that she knows about euthanasia makes her aware of the consequences and makes her believe that she shares these ideals with Zeke, or she was convinced that she, too, came to believe that it was best. As you noted above, from the perspective I saw the chapter in, Jelena has great significance, not just for cameras but behind the scenes as well. She's still a devotee, but one who rises above the others. But she is definitely better than Floch.

Pieck's plan

The second woman who carried the chapter on her shoulders was the incomparable Pieck. The woman with the dark rings came in and spoke to Eren. The plan, which she had implemented well, prepared her very well and gave false clues or in any case used the clues in her favor to prove herself a seasoned soldier. And it makes the viewer doubt whether he should believe him or not because of the memories and the good voice output. In addition, the interaction with Gabi is very good, she is like an older sister and although many hate the little one, this gives her a certain emotionality, but the tension that was caused was much greater.

He managed to cast doubt on Eren, he helped Gabi, he helped Falco, he let the attack titan fall into the trap, for this and many other things he declared Pieck to be the character of the chapter.

A is finally continued

Eren is almost eaten by Porco, only his legs were torn off and he was able to regenerate by becoming a Titan. Then we see Marley's troops coming through the air and the mighty armored titan, Reiner, comes to take revenge on Eren and he wants to fight the blonde too. An ending that is not final, that does not leave many doubts, but wants to see the confrontations. The remaining doubts, which do not seem like many to me, concern the power of Reiner and the people of Ymir, as well as the rumble.

As I said, it seemed like a dignified ending that leaves you wanting more. I don't think it's the best half-ending because since we already know what's going to happen in everything. It is said that it might come out next year. To know the end we have two months: April of this year (manga) and January 2022 (anime). All that remains is to wait.


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