The most anticipated moment of the fifth season of anime was the narrative arc with the title My rogue science, a saga that paved the way for future events and strengthened Tomura Shigaraki's group of criminals more than ever. The Union of Villains unites in an advertising teaser!

The fifth season of My Hero Academia, which ended a few weeks ago, featured a narrative arc that temporarily abandoned the main protagonists in order to focus on the components of the filmAssociation of Villains. In the final part of the season, viewers discovered the origins of Shigaraki, Toga, and the others while witnessing their personal growth and the strengthening of their quirks.

Awaiting the arrival of the new animated season recently presented by a spectacular key visual, a special event, whose protagonists will be the members of the League of Villain.

The clip, which you can admire at the end of the article, portrays the members of the criminal group Shigaraki, Dabi, Toga, Twice, Spinner and Mr. Compress, some of the most epic scenes from season 5, and the villain in classic clothes. During the event, the original voice actors for the Unione dei Villain will take the stage to perform the behind the scenes of the saga, and probably some new info for Season 6 as well.

And you, did you like My Villain Academia? We leave you to an extremely realistic cosplay from Toga dii My Hero Academia.

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