While the serialization of My hero academy Proceeds sent on MangaPlus and Weekly Shonen Jump will get the manga series published faster. In Volume 34 of Kohei Horikoshi's work, readers will indeed relive an old arc dedicated to the overseas heroine.

While the author is already busy with the final war between heroes and villains, the My Hero Academia manga is getting closer to a short but intense saga that has made the public want to meet a beloved heroine. The tankobon number 34 of the manga series is indeed totally dedicated Story of Star and Stripethe number one hero of the United States of America.

As Japan's hero society faces its biggest crisis yet, the rest of the world stands by. there In fact, the international commission decides not to intervene. Only one person ignores this order and acts on her own: the heroine who stands out in the US leaderboards.

Released May 2, 2022 in Japan, My Hero Academia Vol. 34 collects chapters from 329 to 339. This part of the story is marked by the exciting conflict between Star and Stripe and Tomura Shigaraki and for this reason the American heroine is honored on the cover of the tankobon. The Star & Stripe arc deserves more space in the My Hero Academia anime, but this is still a good way to relive its intervention.

L'Color graphic on the cover of the booklet depicts a glorious Star and Stripe in battle gear. This 34th volume is the final farewell to the heroine who came closest to All Might. Finally, here is a Star and Stripe cosplay body paint.

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