In the twenty-seventh issue of the magazine Love life! Days Love Live! General Magazine It has been announced that the musical entity will star in the multimedia franchise of Love life! Superstar!! will soon have four new members. This increases the number of members to nine, a number that he now combines with groups from other projects such as e.g µs (muse) out of Love life! School Idol Project Y water out of Love life! Sunshine!!.

Love life!  Superstar!!

The press release included the new members and their profile information, but the voice actresses will be unveiled in Japan by May 12, with an updated promotional image unveiled on the same day. The new members are:

  • Sakurakoji Kinako: «H-Hey, what's up? I'm Sakurakoji Rinako. I just moved to Yuigaoka in Tokyo straight from the great northern country of Hokkaido. School idols are so pretty I thought it would be impossible for someone like me to become one. However, I decided to give it a try with everything I have after seeing how gorgeous my senpais were. I have no special skills. I'm not particularly athletic and my grades are average... Oh, but I'm always told that I'm super good at understanding animals and their feelings, so I think that speaks for me... I'm have yet to get to know this huge metropolis, that is Tokyo, and I'm still very excited, but I'll do my best to become a school idol, like my senpais who I adore so much! Nice to meet you all!».
Love life!  Superstar!!
  • Yoneme Mei: «And me. My name is Yoneme Mei. P-Please don't look at me too much. When? do you think i'm cute Of course not! When I was little I was always told that I looked scary and that all my friends were scared of me. I don't like... the way they talk about me. That's why I didn't do the whole school idol thing at first. "It doesn't suit me," I thought. Obviously I like them, they're eye-catching, dreamy and make everyone smile, so...I thought maybe I could too. Of course I still think it doesn't suit me at all, but… as soon as I go on stage I'll do my best! So... um... please cheer me up... ok?».
Love life!  Superstar!!
  • wakanashiki: «My name is Wakana Shiki... That's all. Hey? Was it too short? Do you really need more data from me? my favorite things? mei Otherwise… stag beetles and butterflies. That's it. All right, we're done. Hey? Still not enough? What am I good at? Nothing special. But Mei said that he is good at inventing and experimenting. In addition to the School Idol Club, I am also a member of the Science Club. Compared to when she was alone in the science club, the school idol club is very loud and different. I don't like noisy places, but singing with others and getting a lot of praise maybe isn't that bad... If you want, please join us on stage».
  • Onitsuka Natsumi: «Oninatsu! Daily events, etc. An Oni supplement for your heart, it's Oninatsu, Onitsuka Natsumi! I've been a famous L-Tuber for a while, but now I've decided to debut as a school idol. It's like a dream collaboration. This immediately doubles my followers. I can smell it, that's right, the smell of money. My favorite meal that I haven't missed a single day is my Original Shake. I drink it everyday while thinking of secret plans to make Liella! be more exciting in every way. If Natsumi has piqued your interest, subscribe to my channel and click the like button.».

The first season of the anime adaptation premiered in 2021 and had a total of twelve episodes, while the platform entertainment took care of the distribution in the west. This new project was presented in January 2020 during the event "Love life! party“. A second season is scheduled to premiere in Japan next July.

Synopsis for Love Live! Superstar!!

Everyone has a dream they want to realize and that includes Kanon Shibuya who is musically gifted. However, due to her stage fright, Kanon does not enter the music program at Yuigaoka Girls' High School, instead ending up in the general curriculum. Although Kanon makes a conscious decision to quit music altogether, her classmate Tang Keke rekindles Kanon's passion for music with her own: a passion for school idols. Although Keke and Kanon try to form a group of school idols, their endeavor is met with strong objection from Ren Hazuki, the headmaster's daughter.

Despite this, the girls soon visit the principal, who allows them to start their school idol club on one condition: they must win first place at the Yoyogi School Idol Festival. The resilience of these aspiring idols will be tested as they face the challenges thrown their way. On their journey, the girls make new friends and meet new members who join them to become the colorful idols that others can only imagine.

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