With a two-week break, the team is lagging behind My hero academy He was able to recharge his batteries for the round that will take readers towards the final battle. However, not wanting to leave fans of the opera alone, Kohei Horikoshi and his assistants have created several unpublished illustrations.

Sunday May 15, 2022 on MangaPlus, My Hero Academia returns with Chapter 352. We are waiting to return to dive into the fight between Shoto Todoroki and his older brother Toya Todoroki, also known as the villain DabiAssistant Yoshinori Give original artworks to fans.

The My Hero Academia assistant has already drawn the Bakugo x Kirishima couple but recently returned to share a sketch of Kacchan. This time theThe explosive hero teams up with the rabbit heroine Mirko. The team between the aspiring hero visiting the Yuei and the Pro Heroine is barely sketched, and Bakugo's eyes are barely visible.

The two characters featured in the cover of My Hero Academia 349 are currently fighting Tomura Shigaraki. Between jokes and mutual provocations, Mirko and Bakugo have given birth to a fan-loved couple who they would love to see fight together more often. But will their teamwork be efficient enough to stop Shigaraki before Deku's intervention?

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