Hirohiko Araki is a mangaka who has been fighting for many years, her name being inextricably linked to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, a generational tale that continues to this day. The author does not stop despite his age and therefore short Jojo Lands will debutPart 9 of Jojo's bizarre adventure.

The break after Jojolion allows Araki to gather ideas and lay the first foundations for this new story. but what Jojo Lands will be talking about and how it will be? Let's try to analyze what we know about the ninth part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

The setting of Jojo Lands has already been discussed: according to some previous interviews, Araki could go for it use it in the Scottish Highlands, bringing the work back to the places where it was created. Surely it will be set in the alternate universe created after the final events of Stone Ocean, so in the same timeline as the insane rush of Steel Ball Run and the cataclysmic events of Morio-Cho in Jojolion.

Finally, that The protagonist could be Joseph Joestar again, or rather the new Josefumi Joestar, presented in the eighth series. But Araki could also choose to turn the tables and go create something new and crazy since Jojo Lands will most likely be the last series in the story.

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