The authors published on Weekly Shonen Jump have shown several times that they share a relationship of mutual respect through collaborations of various kinds. Koehi Horikoshi in particular usually pays homage to the works he treasures most through his art, and this time it was Word Trigger's turn.

Daisuke Ahisara is Shonen, even though he's not on the podium of the magazine's most popular works. can count on a large group of enthusiasts, who continue to support the manga after 200 chapters from its publication.

Back to the author of My Hero Academia, He dared to portray Nasu and Katori. A first glance is enough to recognize her style, one of whose strengths is the definition and expressiveness of the female characters, a peculiarity that was recently highlighted in the chapters on the heroine Miruko.

The representation that is visible at the end of the article was shared from the work's official Twitter profileand at the time of writing it has amassed over 65,000 likes. Both series are released in Italy thanks to Star Comics. Currently, the publisher has reached volume 20 of Daisuke Ahisara's manga and is staying pretty close to the Japanese release, just two tankobons away.

The manga follows a monthly serializationTo read the new chapters legally and for free, just go to the official Shueisha service Manga Plus. nice piece - moved to Jump Square magazine.

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