Although the fifth season of the anime ended a few weeks ago, My hero academy lives on his golden moment. In anticipation of the international debut of the third film and the next chapter of the manga, which is currently being suspended, a store dedicated to the franchise has been opened, celebrated by an exclusive image.

Soon it will be My Hero Academia Plus Ultra Square, this is a pop-up store where visitors can experience a themed experience and buy exclusive goods. It's not the first time that the My Hero Academia Store has opened: in 2019, this initiative accompanied the annual Tokyo Comic Con.

The My Hero Academia Plus Ultra Square offers New Products and special illustrations. The pop-up store initiative is currently a Japanese exclusivity that most likely will never happen outside of Japan.

With a view to the opening of the aforementioned store, it was shared on Twitter a celebratory illustrationthat you can admire at the end of the article. The protagonists of the picture are the heroes most loved by the audience, namely the three musketeers Deku, Shoto and Bakugo, the students of 1-A Froppy, Uravity and Red Riot and the two top Japanese heroes Endeavor and Hawks.

If it wasn't clear enough, this is confirmed by My Hero Academia Plus Ultra Square how much the work is valued by Kohei Horikoshi as well as his influence on Japanese territory. But that's just the beginning, because the manga is going into its "highlight" phase and the anime was already confirmed with season 6 via chapter 331.

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