While My hero academia We witnessed the slow but gradual change of the protagonist Izuku Midoriya. From a frightened child with no quirk to a joyful Yuei High School student, to a confident hero who is now so confident in his abilities that he makes a great promise to his mother.

The My Hero Academia Manga is getting darker and darker. After All For One escapes Tartarus, the villains take over Japan while the few remaining heroes do their best to keep society alive. To give light to the future, we need a new symbol of peace, the heir All Might chose at the time of his retirement, Izuku Midoriya.

After leaping in time, healing from the wounds he suffered in battle and perhaps greeting his classmates forever, Deku has refined his One for all control, also thanks to the traces in the quirk.

After a spectacular rematch, Chapter 309 of My Hero Academia shows readers a look back at Midoriya's days in the hospital when her mother was desperate. When Izuku reveals to All Might and mother Inko that she wants to leave the academy, the latter burst into tearsand asked him not to stay within the walls of the lyceum and to stay safe. However, Deku is now decided that he must leave the Yuei for his companions.

""I have to go, but that's okay! I will come to your home!"promises the boy. This word, however it can hardly be maintained. Deku is the set target of All For One and Tomura Shigaraki who intend to steal One For All from him. To face them, Midoriya has joined the team of the top three heroes. Will it be enough to stay alive and return to yours? Mother?

Here is the funny Easter egg from My Hero Academia 309, Super Mario wanders in the company of heroes.

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