In the final chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Goku and Vegeta continue their training, with one trying to master Ultra Instinct like an angel and the other trying to learn Hakai, which are the techniques of the Gods of Destruction. After jumping a few weeks in time, here are the results they achieved.

In chapter 71 of Dragon Ball Super, which recently arrived on Mangaplus, readers discovered that Goku and Vegeta were killed after Molo's defeat train hard to further improve their skills. Kakarot tries to hone his ultra instincts under the guidance of Whis, who explained to him not to use this skill like an angel by transforming while the Saiyan prince slowly learns to put the past aside through learning Thanks to Beerus, the path of the gods of destruction.

After a jump in time of a few weeks, the two Saiyajins seem to have made it steps. If Goku finally manages to avoid the stick whis thrown by Whis, Vegeta, on the other hand, manages to pulverize entire mountains.

Suddenly, however, Bulma and Chi-Chi urgently call their husbands back to planet earth Heeters plan went into action. They wait for her at home and find two members of the Heeters posing as aliens threatened by the strongest being in the universe. The clash with Granolah is about to begin.

Something is wrong, let's find out what happens to the Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Super 71.

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