After the defeat of the great Stain, several villains in My Hero Academia found themselves moved and attracted by his beliefs. For this reason the League of Villain has managed to find some elements still fundamental in the chessboard of the struggle with the society of heroes. Among the characters who entered at the time was Himiko Toga.

The young high school girl has been involved in fighting several times, starting with the first with Ochako and Tsuyu in the saga of the training camp. In My Hero Academia we then saw her in action a few more times, in disguise as Camie Utsushimi and then also in the recent My Villain Academia arc where she killed one of the big guys of the liberation army improving her quirk.

But we may find ourselves facing a completely different Himiko Toga after the developments of the last chapters of My Hero Academia. Twice is dead and Toga seems to have been strongly affected by it: after taking the form of a hero he decided to embark on a suicide mission, integrating with the enemies and killing them one by one. His gaze is completely insane when he loses his transformation and points out a blood thirst like never before.

Now that even on a psychological level something new seems to have broken loose, Himiko Toga has become even more dangerous. Will it kill someone important during this saga of My Hero Academia? With Shigaraki by his side, destruction will strike all enemies.

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