The upheaval in heroic society has completely changed the cards on the table. The protagonists of My Hero Academia have been catapulted into completely new scenarios that bring the story closer to the final clash between All for One and One for All. At this moment, however, it seems to be missing a little more.

In the next few chapters, Kohei Horikoshi will undoubtedly explain the strategies of both groups involved and the Chapter 311 of My Hero Academia We took a quick look at what the top 3 heroes are doing: Endeavor, Best Jeanist, and Hawks. The trio are now traveling together sharing information to consider what to do. Part of their discussion also focuses on Tomura Shigaraki and All for One.

Although he managed to escape and get the criminals out of Tartarus and other prisons in the country, All for One has yet to show up. The reason lies in Shigaraki's wounds, which are still torn to pieces after the fight and after an improperly completed surgery. It will take some time to verify, but details about the real benefit of shigaraki.

The goal of All for One is to get the One for All, a wish that has long gripped him. However, an equally strong will is required to absorb such a powerful and will-filled quality. For this it seems that the Tomura Shigaraki's anger is paramount to properly control this superpower. Shigaraki will be able to impose his mindset and destructive will on the idiosyncrasy Undo the powers of the previous owners of the One for Alland gain full control over the idiosyncrasy.

Meanwhile, the villains in My Hero Academia 312 threaten Deku and his companions.

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