Hero outfits are important to the young heroes My hero academia. Over time, these have evolved and have given way to updated and increasingly efficient versions. As the Yuei students gained their experiences, they made various improvements.

The protagonist Izuku Midoriya presented three variants of his costume in My Hero Academia and used the gamma version for the moment. In this way the boy could also use the power of the kicks and develop his fighting style. But it all started with the first version of the costume: you know how much Deku's hero uniform costs in the manga?

Kohei Horikoshi posted a detailed breakdown of how much Izuku spent to complete the first costume presented to Yuei in an extra of Volume 5:

  • The green tracksuit bought in a regular sports store costs 12,800 yen.
  • The mask, bought from a military store, costs 4,980 yen, although Deku retouched it by painting the underside to create a kind of smile.
  • Still in a sports store, elbow and knee pads for a total of 11,500 yen;
  • Simple gloves bought at a hardware store for 2,600 yen;
  • A belt pouch with 3,800 yen from a military shop;
  • A balaclava plus fabric in a hardware store to make his mask costs 4,700 yen in total.

The sum of the The cost of the My Hero Academia Deku costume is 40,380 yenwhich corresponds to around 310 euros at the current exchange rate. Deku's clothes also changed in the movie My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission, while in My Hero Academia 5 a change was made for the winter version.

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