My Hero Academia: How Iida became a great hero

Like many of the young aspiring heroes of My Hero Academia who attend Yuuei Academy, the Section 1-A class leader has his own idol. Who the hero Tenya Iida admires more than anyone is certainly no mystery, as Tenya himself has confirmed since his first appearance. Now let's see where it comes from.

With the battle between heroes and villains raging on the pages of My Hero Academia, we've decided to take a small step back and delve deeper the bond between two brothers. Tenya and Tensei are very closely related and their relationship has been plagiarized over time thanks to the numerous teachings that the older brother gave little Tenya.

The great moral strength and armor carried by the head of the hero department are born from the deep admiration that Tenya feels for the first "Ingenium". The similarity between the two quirks It also gave young Iida an opportunity to learn even more about her power by following in her brother's footsteps.

Iida's efforts and sacrifices led him to the Master a new great power the "Recipro Chest" shown in Chapter 203 of My Hero Academia, but nevertheless the distance that separates the two brothers has not yet been bridged and only time will tell us whether the new "Genium" will reach its predecessor and can overcome.

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