After a short break, the manga is from My Hero Academy is back on the pages of Shonen Jump and MangaPlus with an important update on the war between heroes and villains. As Deku and his companions take on the antagonists, Class 1-B students are also busy, and Horikoshi has paid homage to their representative in an unpublished drawing.

Currently, the heroes seem to be having a lot of trouble with the antagonists, and the worrying stealing of a Quirk to one of All For One's best Pro Heroes only brings his Reunited with Shigaraki. In such a dramatic situation, many Yuei Academy students are working hard to limit the damage and protect civilians involved in the war zone, including Itsuka Kendo, Class 1-B representative and returned in a new illustration signed by the author.

In fact, to celebrate the return of kendo in the manga, Horikoshi shared the drawing on social networks that you can see at the bottom of the page. Portrayal of the young heroine in her typical costume with a turquoise qipaoBoots, black corset, and a saddlebag on his belt, but without the black mask around his eyes, and ready to punch any opponent with his right fist, exploiting the Big Fist ability that derives from his Quirk.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on Kendo's drawing in the comments. Before we say goodbye, let's remember that Shoto and Iida are about to meet an old acquaintance and we leave you the theories of Chapter 386 to be published on MangaPlus on Sunday April 23, 2023.

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