Since the beginning of the manga by My Hero Academia - especially in promotional illustrations - the author Kohei Horikoshi made a certain aesthetic sense visible for the clothing of his characters.

During several interviews, the artist has declared to be a real fan of sneakers, a curiosity that emerges explicitly even from just reading the work. In this regard, in the last hours Funimation has announced a partnership with the shoe manufacturers K-Shoes.

The collaboration stems from the idea of ​​making a pair of sneakers modeled on the style of Deku and All Might, whose release date is scheduled for the month of December, as reported by the tweet at the bottom of the article.

An interesting idea that could be greatly appreciated by fans, given the numerous fan art and amateur sneakers productions customized in the style of the superhero manga. Unfortunately Funimation has shown only a generic silhouette, which it suggests the green coloring for the model dedicated to Midoriya and the blue coloring for the All Might model.

What do you think of this collaboration, could it prove to be an apt operation? Tell us yours below in the comments.

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