The society of heroes is celebrated by ordinary citizens who admire this or that professional hero. Sometimes, however, worship turns into fanaticism. This is the case with Endeavor's number one fan, the flame hero who trains the three musketeers of My hero academy.

The Endeavor Agency Arc has come to an end, but not before introducing a bizarre character is an understatement. Let's talk about The End, a former convict who deeply admires the current number one hero; so much so that he wished he was the one to kill him.

Released from prison, Ending suddenly finds himself in front of a screen showing a news report: Endeavor has just trapped another villain and is bringing peace to a society desperately seeking the abandonment of All Might. When Ending sees his favorite hero on TV, he decidesmeet him at all costs.

The former criminal not only waits for him and asks him for an autograph, but also kidnaps his son Natsu and in exchange for his freedom he demands to be killed. As it turns out, Ending and Endeavor don't meet for the first time: Seven years earlier, the flame hero caught him and put him in prison. Since then, the villain has developed some kind of insane fanaticism towards the current No. 1.

Ending, who has a bizarre quirk that allows him to control the traffic signs, injects himself Doping substances which reinforces the uniqueness and desperately asks Endeavor to kill him. The criminal doesn't want to harm anyone, he just wants to die at the hands of his hero.

However, his dream is destroyed by Deku, Bakugo and Shoto who manage to stop him from their master and so on Final exam of the internship. In My Hero Academia 5 the revolution begins, the field is ready for the rise of the villains. In the meantime, here are the pictures on My Hero Academia 5x19.

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