To Chainsaw man, of which an anime adaptation by Studio MAPPA is in preparation, and the latest one-shot look back, Tatsuki Fujimoto will add two collections of short stories to his repertoire in the coming months. Here are the first details about the new works of the Mangaka.

According to what editor Shihei Lin revealed on Twitter, is the author of Chainsaw Man back to work. After Fujimoto recently published the One-Shot Look Back, which has already been read by over 4 million users, Fujimoto will delight readers with two new short stories.

The mangaka will debut over the course of the fall season two collections of short storiesnamely 17-21 and 22-26. The first will appear on October 4th, the second a month later, on November 4th. Before them, however, it is the turn of the physical edition of Look Back on September 4th. So for three months, Fujimoto fans will see some good ones.

Nothing is known about the two short story collections beyond the release date. According to early theories, 17-21 and 22-26 it could be autobiographical stories, that is, the author’s insights into life. In this context, we leave you with some statements from Fujimoto, which were published at the MAPPA Stage 2021. What do you expect from the author of Chainsaw Man’s new works?

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