The new manga story arc My hero academia led Tomura Shigaraki to break into Tartarus, a maximum security prison where All For One is being held in order to free his comrades. But the young leader of the villains, under the complete control of his master, does not seem satisfied with this situation.

When Shigaraki tries to free All For One and all of his fellow prisoners from Tartarus, Nana Shimura's grandson eventually frees himself from the mind control of his ruthless master. The leader of the supernatural liberation front he no longer wants to be a puppet In the hands of his master and regaining control of his body, he rebels against All For One.

One For All's eternal rival meticulously listens to every single word his student utters, but Shigaraki reminds him of it it was he who wanted such power. ""But wasn't it you who wanted my power? You spat on the world that didn't even get to you and you wanted the power to offset that hatred. This is the result of your powerful will".

All For One then continues his devious attempt at manipulation that he only wants the best for his beloved student. Will the young villain get caught in the psychological trap of All For One again? Meanwhile, the power of the My Hero Academia Villain Union is growing. My Hero Academia's Kohei Horikoshi said he was excited about The Mandalorian season two.

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