Chapter 282 of My Hero Academia has finally shown all of Deku's anger, who is in a situation of extreme hardship has unlocked an amazing new attack. At the end of the article, you can take a look at the special technique that is represented in color for the occasion thanks to the excellent work of Hexamendle.

The new train is called Wyoming Smashand for the first time sees the use of two forces at the same time. After the death of an important character in the last chapter, Deku was able to use the One for All 100% and launch a fatal attack on Shigaraki's face.

To take advantage of the Wyoming Smash, Deku converges the Energy of One for All in both arms, throwing himself up and down and aiming at the head of the opponent, the At the same time he is immobilized with Black Whip. In Chapter 282, the technique creates a gigantic shock wave, but Shigaraki, now unstoppable, manages to block the blow with his jaw and continues to control Eraserhead.

We've talked about Izuku Midoriya's new powers for weeks, and it finally seems that the aspiring hero is starting to unleash the latent potential of One for All. The Quirk still hides six powers, making it hard to believe the protagonist can defeat Shigaraki in time for a short while.

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