The series of My hero academia , created by Kohei Horikoshi, was an instant editorial hit that captured millions of readers around the world and managed to excite them in the adventures of Deku and his companions in the difficult world where Hero and Villain are constantly facing each other.

We get to know something based on a somewhat linear representation Izuku Midoriya, shy and clumsy boy who lacks special skillsbut always guided by an underlying goodness and willing to use it to help others. The biggest twist in the first part is meeting All Might, Pro Hero number 1, who names Deku as heir to Quirk One For All.

Now My Hero Academia is in Chapter 286 and in those 6 years of being published in the famous Weekly Shonen Jump magazine we have witnessed itimpressive growth for DekuThe manufacturer Takara Tomy decided to create some if desired, which made him a real hero, ready to sacrifice himself for the good of others and pay homage to such a character 1: 1 scale collector busts.

In the post given below, you can find pictures of the statue in question, perfectly detailed and with a magnificent base with the character's name and initials UA to indicate the academy. It's about a valuable collector's item, about 1 meter highand which will be available from March 2021 at a price of around 2780 euros.

Keep in mind that the fifth season of My Hero Academia was featured in a trailer, and we're leaving you to an epic crossover between ONE PIECE and My Hero Academia.

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